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About CTC Solutions, LLC

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CTC Solutions, LLC

is a Charleston, WV based technology provider specializing in small local business technology support. With over 20 years of IT experience, we deliver tailored technology solutions. By leveraging the power of open source technologies, we enable businesses to harness innovation, enhance collaboration, and achieve greater efficiency.

Our services include IT consulting, network design, cybersecurity, onsite/offsite backup solutions, telephony and video surveillance . As your trusted MSP, we optimize your IT systems to meet your unique needs and drive your success.

At CTC Solutions, we understand the transformative potential of open source. It allows businesses to access a vast array of robust, community-driven solutions, reducing costs, and fostering innovation. Partner with CTC Solutions and experience the power of open source technology combined with our expertise and passion for delivering cutting-edge solutions. Let us help you unlock new possibilities and drive your business forward.

What Can CTC Solutions Do For You?

We provide a wide array of solutions for your home or business. From setting up your home router to enterprise business support. Utilizing open source technology we can deliver a custom cost effective high quality solution for your business server and workstation needs. Need networking? From wired to wireless access points we provide cost effective enterprise grade equipment. Need backup solutions? No one thinks about it until they lose data. Your data is the most important thing to your business. We have a backup solution for you. If you have IT needs we can provide you with the support your business deserves.

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