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Our IT Management Provides Your Business With

IT Specialists On Demand:

Our technicians can handle a wide variety of information technology issues such as:
  • Malware / spyware / virus infections
  • Server crashes
  • Active Directory maintenance / repair
  • WiFi issues
  • Hard drive crashes
  • Networking

Our technicians support Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Active Directory, RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL Linux), Ubuntu Linux, Outlook, Office 365, VMWare, and most open source software.

Lower IT Costs:

We leverage opens source solutions whenever possible to lower your total cost of ownership. We can also use our remote software to manage and maintain your computers and servers remotely. We install low cost high quality networking equipment and can monitor and fix many network issues also remotely.

Fast Response:

Our technicians can respond to trouble tickets in as little as 24 hours if we are needed on site or immediately if the problem can be resolved remotely.

Small business IT for Small Businesses:

We understand that small businesses are struggling with IT and we can help you get your IT infrastructure under control so you can focus on your your business and not your computer problems. Call us to help with things like:
  • Routers
  • Point of sale systems
  • Phone systems
  • Networking
  • WiFi
  • Security camera systems
  • Computer and server setup / deployments

Reliable Backups of Your Important Data:

Most of us don’t think about our important data until we are unable to access it or what we would do in a disaster scenario such as our server with all of our business documents and last years tax forms suddenly goes up in smoke. Call on CTC Solutions, we are a Datto partner and can help design a solution to protect and backup your important data and replicate it securely offsite. In a disaster scenario we can have your server back up and running in minutes and your business back online and making you money.

What Can CTC Solutions Do For You?

We provide a wide array of solutions for your home or business. From setting up your home router to enterprise business support. Utilizing open source technology we can deliver a custom cost effective high quality solution for your business server and workstation needs. Need networking? From wired to wireless access points we provide cost effective enterprise grade equipment. Need backup solutions? No one thinks about it until they lose data. Your data is the most important thing to your business. We have a backup solution for you. If you have IT needs we can provide you with the support your business deserves.

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